Date Born/Established
02 Oct 1915
Date Died/Ceased
06 Dec 1986
Jack Lang

(English 2 October 1915 – 6 December 1986)

Hobbies: gliding and keen [an award winning] amateur photographer

Served with Royal Air force in North Africa during World War II

On return owned and managed a newsagents and stationer business Lang’s of Bicester
that later became part of W H Smith.

1959 Married Margaret Joan [nee Finch]


Couple moved to Auckland where they purchased a photography business at Pitt Street,
Auckland re-named Karina Studios the intent being to concentrate on industrial
photography, unfortunately this did not eventuate.

Jack received the position of Chief Photographer with Rotorua’s Daily Post newspaper and the couple moved to Rotorua where they lived in a Daily Post house at York Street.

Issue 40 17 Dec 1966 appears with: Editor Jack Lang

After four years with the Daily Post, Jack left to take up a new role as editor/photographer with the Photo News, which was owned bythe Logan Publishing Company of Gisborne.

The Photo News was a monthly magazine, which formed a photographic survey of local events and the people involved. Weddings, birthdays, galas and high profile visitors were all sought out and photographed for the publication.

Putting it all together was a lengthy manual process with text typed on a typewriter and photographs pasted in place before being cut onto screens and printed.

The Rotorua edition of the Photo News began in 1963 and ended its tenure

Other regions publishing editions of the photo news were Gisbourne, Nelson, Whangarei, Tauranga, Taranaki, Whanganui and in Waikato: Thames-Paeroa-Matamata and Franklin. At its height the Photo News was publishing 60,000 copies every month.

The magazine operated from a studio in the Lang’s home at Parawai Road, Ngongotaha until Jack left the Photo News in 1969 due to ill health.


Operating from his studio at home, Jack then went into business for himself as Jack Lang Industrial Photographer. Local businesses Killwell and Lockwood were major clients, as well as local motels and builders who used his services for research and promotional material such as brochures.

Logan Publisherpaid Lang two hundred pounds sterling per month from this salary, materials, delivery costs had to met including wage of twenty pounds per week for Louis Edwards, journalist/photographer with Photo News until Daily News offered twenty six pounds and he left Lang's emplopyment.

Source: Mrs Lang, 5d Grey Street, Rotorua: Telephone 348 2066 to Jane Strachan at Rotorua Museum 7 July 2009.


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