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This camera once belonged to J. R. Blencowe as is testified by the inscription on one the brass arms. It is a large tailboard field mahogany and brass folding plate camera with double extension screw focusing. It is fitted with a focusing screen which folds to make way for the plate holder. The folding base is held firm by a large sliding wooden panel that can be locked in place. It has a single extension, rack and pinion, with a neat sliding arrangement of the base to give double extension. The corners are reinforced with brass and there is a tripod screw. The front is reinforced with brass and has horizontal and vertical lens adjustment. The reinforced swinging back is really well constructed and has a screen and plate holder. At the corners are brass reinforced dovetail joints which make the camera suitable for use in a tropical environment. The bellows are 10 inch square red leather with 45 degree corners. The lens is a Taylor, Taylor & Hobson Cooke - H.D. Taylors Patents -10 x 8 Eq. Focus 13.26 inches, Leicester & London No.1743. The stops are: iris f8 to f64 and is rather stiff. The shutter, which is a three-leaf 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" Dallmeyer, is bulb operated and sits behind the lens. It has rear focusing on a double rack and pinion.
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